Last modified: 2021-12-15 16:45

Mounting a Raspberry Zero plus Breadboard

Recently I was looking for a way to mount a breadboard to my Raspberry Zero. There are several products from online shops but I couldn't find something I really liked. Then I turned to 3d prints. I don't have a printer but there's a shop around selling them. On Thingiverse I found several possible models.

The Breadboard Spring Vise for Arduino or Raspberry Pi is one of them. Although it has Raspberry Pi in its name I don't think that it will fit very well because of the Raspi's USB and HDMI ports. They go to the side while the Arduino connectors point upwards. Anyway, a cool construction. The Breadboard Spring Vise for Raspberry Pi modification addresses this but this model is for regular sized Raspberries and not for Zeros.

Other interesting boards for normal Raspberries are e.g.:

and here is a thing for Zeros: Raspberry pi Zero breadboard case.

From this selection (I'm sure, there are others out but I gave up searching) I like Breadboard Spring Vise most. I think my best option would be to take the original model and modify it analog to model #1411516 taking the size and ports of the Zero into account. Shouldn't be so difficult. However, I have no idea of 3d models and working with CAD software is more difficult than I thought. I will take a look at that "later".

That left me with no result. Then some hours later I had the idea to make a board where I could mount a Zero plus a breadbord from cardboard. The result looks like


Find some instructions and comments in the presentation file (LibreOffice format). This is definitely not rocket science and will not last forever. But it can be done within a few minutes, adapted to your needs, from material you will have most probably already around.

I like the idea of being absolute cheap and flexible that I already created an update but this needs its photo shooting.