Last modified: 2022-08-28 12:37

mdc is a simple Markdown translator written in gawk. While most Markdown processors allow fancy HTML, only minimal markup with some additions to allow better readable plain-text is implemented by mdc.

mdc - markdown translator

mdc is a Markdown to HTML translator written in gawk. The output files are

If you like or need it, you can optionally add a stylesheet or javascript file, but these are really just add-ons.


mdc supports only very basic markup, because I wanted to be able to read the markup source in plain-text. While I was working on mdc I read the basic and extended Markdown information and also about GitHub's own Markdown flavor.

This is mdc's documentation:


The current version is 1.0.10. Get

You might want to adapt the script mde to your needs.

Why mdc?

I started thinking about Markdown when I was about to create a Github account. Markdown is their chosen markup language for HTML pages and their Markdown dialect is full of extensions to support e.g. coloring source code of very different languages.

I work a lot on the Linux command line and Markdown fits very well because the markup is easily readable and editable, while I can get HTML from it too. I decided to write mdc (instead of using one of the many available Markdown translators) to keep readable plain-text in scope (instead of HTML features). For instance, I made changes like

to make the plain-text markup better readable.