Last modified: 2021-08-30 21:40

Gopher Corner

This directory contains some stuff related to Gopher. In case you don't know, what it is, Gopher is a file/document retrieval protocol from the early 90's. It predates HTML/HTTP (not very much) and was abandoned later in favour to HTTP. Gopher content documents were created in plain text because HTML wasn't there, although it was later added to Gopher. I prefer to use a markdown dialect (my own) for Gopher texts because it allows minimal pseudo text decoration but can also be translated into HTML.

Here are some documents.


This Gopher space is not only about documents. Of course, there is software waiting to be tried.

Accessing this site by Gopher

First, you have to pick one off the clients from above. vf-1 is a standalone script: download and run. For gc you should pick the tar archive and make sure that your system has gawk, lynx and socat installed. To view this site by Gopher using gc you would then run