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gc is written in gawk. Of course, gawk can't do all the stuff on its own - it's not python - and relies one some standard UNIX commands.

Optional things:

If you have a debian based distribution

sudo apt-get install gawk socat lynx

installs the required packages.

Some more functionality is in external scripts but these come in gc's tar archive (see below).

Installing gc

gc's comes without a proper Linux / UNIX installation. The reason is simple: I want to make it totally easy for everyone to try gc wihtout touching the system installation. gc comes with a tar archive that unpacks into the directory gc-version.

gc needs to find it's supplemental scripts gmi2text and md2text. If you start gc with a path other than /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin then gc expects the scripts to be in the same directory as gc. If instead gc is in one of the system's directories then the script must be copied to /usr/lib/gc or /usr/local/lib/gc respectively. Alternatively you might set the script path with the -l option.

Effectively this means that for a simple test installation and start

tar -xzvf gc-version.tar.gz
cd gc-version

is enough. After you have checked what it is you can still think about where to put the scripts.


If you didn't copy gc from its untarred directory to somewhere else, all you need to do is to remove that directory. If you installed some off the prerequisites and you want to remove them too then

sudo apt-get purge package-names

will do it.