Last modified: 2021-09-10 17:10

Diceware Passwords


I'm a fan of strong passwords (and MFA where possible) and Diceware combines long (= strong) passwords plus the possibility to keep them in memory. If there are too much you can still use a password safe. This is what I alsso do for long time memory.

There are password generators on the Internet available and most of them (all?) work with Javascript. That is the passwords are not generated on the remote server (where some bad guy could capture them) but only on your computer. Good idea. However, I found one site that used jQuery for password generation for dynamic page updates. This triggered a "What" in me. Since I was already using a gawk script to generate Diceware passwords I decided to make a Javascript that just creates passwords without any blink or glitzer.


You need these three files:

If you are looking for a nicer and multi-language interface, see

Use it

If you just want to get German language password you can also use the generator here. Simply enter the parameters of your choice into the input fields and press Create. Whatever the output is, I use this as inspiration only for my next password.