tcpproxy - Transparent TCP Proxy

tcpproxy is a proxy (or tunnel or redirector) for TCP/IP protocols. In standalone mode it waits for incoming connections forwarding them to another machine or starting a local server program. Several programs with this function or something similiar are around. However, tcpproxy's design goal was to let it operate on some kind of firewall. So among it's features are:

tcpproxy was created with a transparent TCP proxy in mind. When it's used to start local server programs (e.g. an FTP server) it can however also work as "port multiplexer" since it requires different configurations for different interfaces (there are no defaults).

For detailed information see tcpproxy's manpage that comes with the package.


The current version is tcpproxy-2.0.0-beta15.tar.gz. There is also a Debian package: tcpproxy_2.0.0beta15-1_i386.deb.