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smtp.proxy - SMTP Proxy Server

smtp.proxy is an application level gateway for SMTP. It connects a client to a server running on another machine watching that the protocol is accomplished. If commands outside the specification are sent, they are not forwarded to the server.

Additionaly smtp.proxy offers a small email address control (only email with a certain sender or recipient address can pass through) and can optionally remove the `Received:' lines from the mail header.

Instead of forwarding the connection to a remote server, smtp.proxy can feed it into a local mail server, e.g. sendmail, qmail or anything else that speaks SMTP on stdin/out.

Recent changes

Since the latest offical release (1.3.3 in 2004) support for

were added. But there is a more complete feature list online.


smtp.proxy's manpage is online. Use this as primary information about the proxy. getsmtpstat is a awk script that converts smtp.proxy's syslog messages into a logfile that can be further evaluated.


The current version of smtp.proxy is 2.0.0-beta16, get it in the download directory. You may also look for a current debian etch packages. I'm not a debian guru, so use with care. If you find mistakes or suggestions, please let me know.