TCP/IP Proxies

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Proxy Packages

proxy for FTP sessions. This package is not longer maintained by me. Andreas Schoenberg ( has taken over this project. ftp.proxy releases can be found on

POP3 e-mail proxy. Recently I added spam and virus scanning. It also supports (on Linux platforms) transparent redirection. The current version is pop3proxy-2.0.0-beta8.

proxy for rsh, rexec and rlogin. rsh-1.0.7.tar.gz is the latest version.

this is a proxy for SMTP e-mail. Latest additions are spam and virus scanning, with/without quarantining and RBL support. The manpage is not updated for these new features but there is at least the feature list online. The latest version is smtpproxy-2.0.0-beta16.tar.gz.

a transparent proxy server for generic TCP/IP connections. Latest additions were connection status files, calling external handler on session termination and a transparent redirection proxy mode (works currently only under Linux). The latest version is tcpproxy-2.0.0-beta13.tar.gz.