This server carries most of the software I made over the time, well at least the stuff I already published. I run this server when I have time so some things may be outdated.

Latest Additions:
wcp 1.1.4 released -- 04.01.2007
Found and fixed a filename lenght limitation bug.

wcp 1.1.3 released -- 25.11.2007
This wcp release brings one major bugfix (restored directories get the right ownership and permissions) and supports filenames with blanks.

tcpproxy 2.0.0-beta15 -- 30.08.2007
A new beta release with lots of new features compared to version 1.

ariane 2.0.4 -- 29.08.2007
I've completed version 2 of the ariane RAM Linux. The new version is Debian based.

smtp.proxy 2.0.0-beta16 -- 11.04.2007
A new beta is available, see smtp.proxy. I think this is the last beta before version 2.0.0.


quietsche-entchen is still the home of some TCP/IP proxies, see the proxy directory.

wcp archives and restores files on a local or ssh-reachable disk. Each backup archives contains all files, even unmodified files which are "mirrored" from the previous archive by using hardlinks.

Software Area
There's still the software area which contains most of my programs. Not all programs are documented yet, so see the download area for a list of all things available here. There are also manpages online.

ariane Version 2
A new version of ariane. This is not an update for the LFS based ariane V1 but a complete remake based on Debian Linux.

ariane Version 1
giotto, the floppy Linux system is discontinued, this is the bad news. It was based on a Linux kernel 2.0.37 and although it will still work I don't expect it to run with modern hardware. The good news is however that there is ariane, a CD-ROM based Linux system, which is meant to be giotto's successor. And although the technology is a little bit outdated (and marked as depracted in the 2.4.x kernel series) it uses giotto technology inside.

Where is giotto?
If you are looking for giotto, it's unmaintained but still available under

Where is the other old content?
Just in case you are asking, it's here:

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