Notice: This area refers to ariane version 1. There's a new update version 2, see

ariane -- bootable Linux CD-ROM

  1. Character in the Greek mythology.
  2. Name of an ESA's satellite or space probe launcher series.
  3. Bootable CD-ROM linux.

ariane - What is it?

ariane is a bootable CD-ROM linux. It's the successor of giotto. While giotto booted a libc5 system with a linux kernel 2.0.37 from floppy disks, ariane comes with linux kernel 2.4.26 and libc6, version 2.2.4. It boots (just as giotto) into your computer's RAM. After it's up and running you can remove the CD-ROM for something else. ariane does neither have to be installed on a harddisk nor does it use a live-filesystem on the CD. See ArianeDiskCreation to read how to create the CD-ROM. It's also not to difficult to create your own ariane based Linux system, see ArianeImageCreation.

ariane can be used as minimal console system, e.g. a repair system. Other features are:

ariane is work in progress and it's documentation is pretty incomplete.

What's new?
See the change log for version 53.

ariane should boot on any of today's IDE computers. Read ArianeRequirements to see what it needs.


Get ariane from the download directory. Make sure that you read ArianeDiskCreation. This file tells you what you need to know to create the CD-ROM.

There's already some documentation. Here's also a list of all documents (not much here yet).

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know, send e-mail to