Last modified: 2021-12-18 18:50

Hello, this is the You can find some software here, written in gawk, perhaps in C or also in Java.

af is a gawk script to archive and backup files. It doesn't copy files on its own but creates shell command, which do the work.

Diceware passwords
is simple Javascript (no Javascript framework) to create Diceware passwords in a "normal" HTML browser.

This is the translator I used to convert Markdown (from Gopher) to HTML (what you might be used to find on the web).

Raspberry Pi stuff
The raspberry corner has opened only with a few files but I think there is more to add.

is a process controller (in the style of the old /sbin/init(1)) to start service processes when needed without doing that on the system level.

is a bridge for implementing user interface as userland (fuse) filesystems. It takes read/write operations and sends that to a program, which does the real work.

Gopher stuff

Documents about Gopher
This directory contain some documents about Gopher. Gopher is an information system from the early 90's which I rediscovered for my personal use. The HTML pages here are made from Markdown files I write on my private Gopher server.

gc is a Gopher client for the Linux command line written in gawk. In contrast to other Gopher client (look on Github) it implements some parts of Gopher+. I use it on my Raspberries as low-resource client.


So, why Gopher? The short answer is that while simple and clean web pages are possible among the problems of contemporary browser is that they are resource hungry. That's not a problem for a Raspberry 4 and it might work on an older Raspi 2 too. But it's really not funny on a Zero. Ok, lynx is an option for reading but wiki editing to add or update something? After some initial tests and server prototypes I decided to give Gopher a try, using plain-text (Markdown) as "native" content but of course, with the option to convert the files to HTML.

Notice for HTML users

Most probably you will access this site with a normal web client. That means two things:

  1. I have a minimal Javascript to support navigation. Ctrl+X H should bring you to a directory's home page, Ctrl+X N to the next page (if any - see the navigator at the page's top).

  2. Now the bad news. I'm switching more and more away from HTML to Gopher and Markdown documents. The Markdown files are translated into HTML of course but I find it boring / annoying to put many hyperlinks into the files or to create nice-looking home pages for the directories. (Gopher can live pretty well without it). Instead I'm experimenting with automatically generated contents listing like the one for af.